21 May 2019
Static Security Services

If you are exploring all of the security options for your business, there is a chance that you will have come across static security services. Unfortunately, static security services don’t sound as beneficial as they actually are.

What is a static security service and how will it be of benefit to your business? In this article, we are looking at how a service called static is actually far from static and massively beneficial to your business.

Static Security: What Is It and How Does It Benefit Me?

Despite this type of security service being called static, the services on offer are actually far from static. Particularly when you choose Admiral, our security guards could not be further from static when they are working for you.

Typically, static security will be protecting particular locations or items. For example, you might find a static security guard protecting one building in particular. While static generally means that the security guard will mainly stay in one place, static security guards are not always exclusively protecting one location. Regularly, a static security guard will have a little area that they need to patrol in addition to protecting something such as a doorway.

Static Security: Why You Need It

Protecting your business and your property as best as possible is so important. With static security, you can make sure that your premises and everything contained within are always safe from the external threats that can plague a business.

Here are just a few reasons that static security services can be beneficial to your business both short-term and long-term.

Detect and Prevent Offences

As you will probably be aware, one of the most important things a static security officer can do is detect and prevent offences that may be taking place.

Unfortunately, it isn’t laughable to think that an individual or a group will target your business, particularly if your business appears to be exploitable. If your business has any weak spots that can be used, a criminal targeting you will use them.

With security always protecting your business, officers will detect attacks as they occur, ultimately preventing them from impacting your business.

Off-putting Presence (To Criminals!)

Let’s presume that there is an individual considering breaking into your facilities. The presence of a security guard is certainly going to be off-putting, reducing the chances of them actually doing anything.

Most people think that a security guard’s time is consumed by stopping offences as they take place. In reality, just the presence of a security guard will deter the majority of criminals.

Peace of Mind

If you are in charge of running a business, you have plenty to think about as it is. You don’t want or need to be constantly thinking about security too!

When you know that there are static security services in place protecting your business, you can forget any security concerns. Instead, you can focus on what’s actually important; things that you can actually have an impact on.

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