23 Apr 2019
security services yorkshire

Professional protection for your business

Companies in West Yorkshire are facing threats that are growing on a yearly basis. Ultimately, that means that you need to up security to keep everyone and everything safe! Fortunately, we are one of the leading providers of security services in the West Yorkshire area. Fed up of searching ‘security services Yorkshire’ in hopes of finding the right services to protect your business? Here are the security services we offer, tailored to your needs to protect you.

Security Services Yorkshire: Keyholding and Response

There are so many criminals targeting businesses in a variety of ways these days. This means that your business has to have services in place that will protect your facilities, your employees and the public.

It can be stressful if your alarm system activates when you have nobody available to get check everything is in order. With our keyholding and response services, you can leave your premises without worrying about your alarm going off. Why? Because if your alarm does go off, we have a trained team that will provide an immediate response.

Responding to an alarm at your premises yourself might be brave, but it also leaves you at risk. This serious risk can be avoided for as little as 68 pence a day, which is agreeably a small price to pay to keep your business safe.

Security Yorkshire: Manned Security

While security cameras at your premises might previously have been a big deterrence to people targeting your business, that simply isn’t the case anymore. While some people will be deterred by CCTV, a bigger, clearer discouragement is required for the majority of people who might think about targeting you.

With manned security services, you can ensure that you always have trained, uniformed security personnel protecting your business at all times. With visible security personnel protecting your facilities, most people would not even dream of causing trouble at your offices or event. However, if a scenario that required the response of immediate security assistance did arise, you can rest assured our trained security personnel would be able to handle the situated.

Security Services Yorkshire: Mobile Patrols

Do you ever go home for the evening and worry that you haven’t locked a door or closed a window at your offices? Who doesn’t?! Sometimes, we all wonder whether we actually locked the front door or not, or whether we closed the window. With mobile patrols protecting your business, you would have nothing to worry about.

Our mobile patrols are a low cost solution to meet your security requirements. We have a team of trained patrol officers that can visit your site as often as you like to ensure that everything is as it should be. Our mobile patrol services are adjustable to your requirements. For example, if you need interior and exterior checks every hour for the summer, we can provide services for you. If you need a mobile patrol to check your site once every night of the year, our services can also meet your needs.

Our mobile patrol teams utilise state-of-the-art technology and vehicles, both of which allow them to provide a service that is ideal for you.

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