08 May 2019
mobile security patrols

Are you considering hiring mobile security patrols to protect your business? Protecting a business is not easy, but mobile security patrols can help a whole lot.

We are best placed to provide mobile security patrols for your business. This is because Admiral Security is made up of experienced security personnel who are accredited, trustworthy and determined to protect your business. In this blog post, we are looking at the 3 main reasons to choose our security patrols over anyone else’s.

Our Mobile Security Patrols Are Low Cost

We regularly get asked about ensuring value for money when it comes to hiring security patrols. Often, we hear the sentence, after all, security isn’t cheap. While security could never be described as cheap, with the right security solutions provided by a reliable business they do not have to be expensive either.

Here at Admiral Security, we always aim to keep our prices competitive for the good of our valuable clients. We are always striving to keep costs to a minimum by working as effectively as possible. In addition, if we were to identify an area where money could be saved, we would inform our clients rapidly.

While every business needs security, not every business is able to afford it. That is why we will always offer our comprehensive security solutions for a fee that means our services are affordable for all businesses.

Our Patrols Can Be Operational Almost Immediately

When you have made the decision to hire security patrols for your buildings, you probably want the security forces to be mobilised pretty quickly; you don’t want to be waiting for weeks for your mobile patrols to become operational.

We understand that you want your mobile patrols to be activated quickly. That is why, typically, we ensure that your mobile patrols are operational the same day that we receive your instructions. This means that you will have mobile patrols protecting your property in no time at all, so you can see the positive impact rapidly.

We Utilise State-of-the-Art Technology

In the modern world, security is all about keeping up with the times. It is tough to offer professional security solutions that work if you do not keep up with the times, as security threats are changing all the time. To ensure that our security solutions are the best they can be in today’s society, we utilise state-of-the-art technology in various ways. The utilisation of this technology allows us to enhance the effective service that we already offer, at no extra cost to our customers.

As an example of the way we make use of modern technology, our fleet of vehicles is fitted with the latest communication and tracking technology. This allows us to track our agents and communicate with them as necessary, which could be crucial in a number of emergency situations.

As another example, our patrol officers make use of cloud-based Innovise service track software while operating. This is particularly useful when they are at your premises, as it records the officer’s movements and findings in real-time. Beneficially, this means that there is the option to record and review all attendances at your buildings, as required.

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