14 Mar 2019
Security key holding services

At Admiral Security Services we provide specialist security solutions for businesses throughout West Yorkshire and beyond. We have a team of dedicated security key holding services specialists who react to emergency calls as quickly as possible. With 35 years of industry experience we have continuously delivered high quality security key holding services to hundreds of business.

By engaging our Keyholding and Response Services you can leave your premises at the end of the day assured in the knowledge that if your alarm system activates, there will be a guaranteed response from Admiral.


What is included in security key holding services

Intruder and fire alarm response – Our teams will be on site as quickly as possible to attend when an alert has been sent to our control centre

Providing access to tradesmen or contractors – We’ll provide access into your premise for pre-agreed tradesmen with company ID.

Lock up and unlocking of property – Whether it’s the end of day lock up or early morning openings, our team will arrive on time to ensure that staff can safely and easily enter or exit your property.

Real-time communication – Link to control centre technology which enables extra safeguards when locking/unlocking in emergency situations


If your premises are sufficiently protected by an intruder alarm system, Admiral Security Services can save you and your employees the risk and inconvenience of being called out when an alarm goes off.

Keys are kept in totally secure custody. Upon alarm activation we will send a licensed Response Officer to check the premises, reset alarms and, if necessary, remain in the premises until your staff or alarm engineer arrive.


Benefits of using Admiral for security key holding services

24/7 support – At Admiral Security services our team provide a round the clock key holding service and ensure a rapid response as and when required.

SIA approved – All of our team are SIA approved

Cover all major industries – Our securities services are able to adapt to the different situations and scenarios of all major industries.

12 Mar 2019
Manned guarding services Yorkshire

Admiral Security Services are a specialist security company specialising in manned security. With 35 years of industry experience we have delivered high quality security solutions to hundreds of business and events throughout West Yorkshire and beyond. Our ultimate aim is to provide a service that gives every client peace of mind by developing a long-term partnership with you and one that delivers on its promise, total customer satisfaction.


Importance of Manned guarding

Hiring a manned guard can be extremely beneficial for your business, as they provide a visible deterrent against criminals and actively work to protect your assets.

At Admiral our manned guarding service utilise all of our knowledge that we have gained over 35 years and applies the latest technology to provide the client with the best service possible. Manned guarding is incredibly successful across a wide range of industries and locations including:

Industrial units – Warehouses and industrial buildings are common targets for thieves, as these building are usually in areas away from built up areas. Manned guarding in and around the premises are able to make sure properties are securely locked and that no unwanted person can enter the property. Manned guards act as a great deterrent for criminals and they can also notify the police of any suspicious behaviour.

Events – Events are particularly important to have visible manned guarding presence – whether it be a concert, sporting event, exhibition or any other public or private functions. Manned guarding services ensure that the event goes smoothly, security issues are dealt with quietly and efficiently and that only those with access are to enter the function.

Shopping Centres – Shopping centres are an excellent example of where a manned guarding patrol is beneficial, as these areas are the most targeted for car theft, robbery, vandalism, muggings and other forms of crime. By having manned guarding on site the decrease in these crimes taking place can be significant.


Why Admiral Security

We deliver bespoke security solutions to every company we work as we understand that no two businesses operate the same. We work closely with every client to ensure that we are delivering a high quality service that reaches and exceeds the clients expectations. Our team are available to assist with all customer queries and requests relating to the security of their premises with any short-term needs and amendments being dealt with efficiently. We go above and beyond to deliver high quality security services in West Yorkshire.

We pride ourselves in making sure that all of our guards are always professional at all times including making sure that they wear the correct Admiral standard uniform and equipment. Here at Admiral we understand that our staff are at the forefront of your business that’s why we are happy to tailor uniform and requirements to fit with the clients demands and image.

22 Jan 2019
Importance of K9 units for securing your business

K9 teams can be used for multiple scenarios, from a static guard permanent presence on site at all times, through to looking for an active intruder/trespasser. Security dogs have a greater sense of smell and hearing than a human, which is leading many of our clients to opt for their services.

Dog units are often a great deterrent for unwanted trespassers and simply their presence is enough to make them leave your site without the dog units and handlers having to do anything. K9 teams often make a big impact when guarding open spaces and vacant properties.

Patrol dogs are generally deployed where Security Officers may be at risk or if there are large areas to patrol. They are trained to be safe with members of the public, but can defend their handler when necessary. K9 Security dogs are also highly effective in scenarios where a lone security guard or small units of security guards are faced with a situation where they would be outnumbered. K9 units often make for a more cost-effective way of having a further deterrent on site.

Benefits of K9 patrols for your business or property:

  • Visual Deterrent to potential intruders
  • Flexible security patrol solutions
  • Cost effective security solution
  • A professional image of the Organisation and Client
  • Aid human guards when looking for an intruder

How we can help

At Admiral Security Services our specialist service partner has a fleet of fully equipped dog units, meaning they can be deployed at short notice and are able to operate in the most remote environments.

Our dedicated K9 team evaluate and analyse your site and identify any potential security risks before deploying a dog team. We always want to ensure that we implement the most appropriate K9 security measures to protect your premises from unauthorised intrusion.

Our dog handlers are specially trained and qualified to the required standards as well as being fully Security Industry Authority (SIA) licenced which aligns them with all our other services.

At Admiral Security our team are happy to talk to you about K9 security solutions to secure your property or land from potential intruders. With over 30 years’ experience providing security solutions we implement a plan that is unique to your business environment and will enhance the way in which you operate on a day to day basis. Our ultimate aim is to protect your assets – the life blood of any business or organisation.