18 Jun 2019
security response services

It is important that you do everything you can to keep you, your team and your assets safe. If you don’t, you will find yourself at risk to the ever-rising number of threats in the world. With security response services, there is always some essential protection that you can rely on.


23 May 2019
Man Guarding Services

If you have been exploring the solutions available for protecting your business from threats, you may have come across man guarding services already. Despite advancements in security technology in the last few years, the need for human security has certainly not decreased. In fact, it could be more important than ever considering that a lot of security technology has been proven to be at risk of exploitation.

Even with the finest security technology at your disposal, no security setup will achieve its full potential without human input. Man guarding services are so important to protecting your business. In this article, we are looking at some of the reasons that hiring security is important.


21 May 2019
Static Security Services

If you are exploring all of the security options for your business, there is a chance that you will have come across static security services. Unfortunately, static security services don’t sound as beneficial as they actually are.

What is a static security service and how will it be of benefit to your business? In this article, we are looking at how a service called static is actually far from static and massively beneficial to your business.


15 May 2019
Security Services Bradford

With 35 years of industry experience we have delivered high quality security solutions to hundreds of business throughout West Yorkshire and beyond. Admiral Security Services are a specialist security company specialising in manned security, mobile patrols, K9 units, CCTV monitoring and key holding. Whatever your requirement we can deliver high quality security services Bradford.

Our team provide a guaranteed response whether attending to an Intruder, Fire, or Remote CCTV systems our specialist team of SIA approved guards are able to effectively deal with most eventualities without assistance. All vehicles are fitted with up to date tacking and communications devices which ensure that our personnel are monitored and are able to communicate at all levels. If required, our key holding provision can be utilised to Escort your company personnel to premises which maybe of a sensitive or important nature. This service ensures your staff are accompanied at all times whilst in attendance which meets with current Health & Safety legislation and guidelines. (more…)

08 May 2019
mobile security patrols

Are you considering hiring mobile security patrols to protect your business? Protecting a business is not easy, but mobile security patrols can help a whole lot.

We are best placed to provide mobile security patrols for your business. This is because Admiral Security is made up of experienced security personnel who are accredited, trustworthy and determined to protect your business. In this blog post, we are looking at the 3 main reasons to choose our security patrols over anyone else’s. (more…)

05 May 2019
mobile security pat

Admiral Security Services are a specialist security company specialising in manned security, mobile patrols, K9 units, CCTV monitoring and key holding. With 35 years of industry experience we have delivered high quality security solutions to hundreds of business throughout West Yorkshire and beyond. Our ultimate aim is to provide a service that gives every client peace of mind by developing a long term partnership with you and one that delivers on its promise… Total Customer Satisfaction.


We deliver bespoke security solutions to every company we work as we understand that no two businesses operate the same. We work closely with every client to ensure that we are delivering a high quality service that reaches and exceeds the clients expectations. Our team are available to assist with all customer queries and requests relating to the security of their premises with any short-term needs and amendments being dealt with efficiently. We go above and beyond to deliver high quality security services in West Yorkshire. (more…)

03 May 2019
key holding services

Keeping Your Property Secure

Running a business is tough enough already without having to worry about security. You probably want to be able to focus on the work you have to do on a daily basis instead of thinking about safekeeping your premises. With key holding services, you can stop worrying about securing your property and start worrying about all the tasks you have to complete!

Key holding services have been demonstrated time and time again to secure and help businesses. In this article, we are going to take a look at how key holding services can take away the hassle of dealing with security personally.


23 Apr 2019
security services yorkshire

Professional protection for your business

Companies in West Yorkshire are facing threats that are growing on a yearly basis. Ultimately, that means that you need to up security to keep everyone and everything safe! Fortunately, we are one of the leading providers of security services in the West Yorkshire area. Fed up of searching ‘security services Yorkshire’ in hopes of finding the right services to protect your business? Here are the security services we offer, tailored to your needs to protect you.


23 Apr 2019
manned guarding companies uk
Unfortunately, you have to be extremely vigilant when it comes to protecting your business. If you don’t ensure that your business is as secure as it can be, you might find that your company is at severe risk. With the aim of protecting your business from internal and external threats, you may have been looking for manned guarding companies UK.

If you are unsure what manned guarding services actually are, you are not alone. Thousands of business owners are unsure what manned guarding is and how these services can help to protect their business.

What is manned guarding?


16 Apr 2019
response security services

Unfortunately, protecting your business just isn’t as simple as having a policy in place where people need to check that doors are locked before leaving the building. In this day and age, putting more security solutions in place is the key to ensuring that your business is secure at all times.

In this article, are going to have a look at response security services and why you should invest in such services for the benefit of your business.