21 Mar 2019
Why are managed security services important?

It’s a sad fact of life that your business can potentially become under threat at any time. It’s important to have a plan in place that can help protect your staff, company assets and ultimately your bottom line.

You can only do so much within your business to protect your assets until you need to employ professional managed security services. Managed security services can bring a lot of benefits to your business and act as a great deterrent to threats and make staff feel more secure.


Deters thefts & other crimes

The physical presence of a security solution has shown time and time again to help prevent thefts and related crimes. The psychological impact of human presence on would-be burglars has been well-documented and can prevent thefts, vandalism, arson etc.

While a CCTV system with the latest sensors and alarms is helpful to monitor a wide area, human intervention is necessary to catch or prevent the offender. Manned security services are also well-versed with the ways of criminals and can pre-empt the majority of crimes for each job.


Total security

Along with providing a deterrent from thefts and other crimes, manned security services are often the missing piece from your security puzzle. In many security breaches, the absence or lack of enough security personnel is the loophole that gets exploited most often by criminals.

Which is why for any security system to be effective and reliable, trained and experienced personnel have to be at its core.



The security of your business and staff is important and only the most experienced hands should be put in charge of it. Too many businesses overlook this aspect and end up burning their fingers by taking shortcuts to avoid paying for experienced and managed security services.

Bringing in support from an outside team who specialise in security is a better guarantor of your business’s safety.


At Admiral Security Services we provide specialist security solutions for businesses throughout West Yorkshire and beyond. We have a team of dedicated team of manned guarding security services specialists who are on site to deter security threats. With 35 years of industry experience we have continuously delivered high quality manned guarding services to hundreds of business.

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