Service Overview

Customised to your requirements our Security Guarding Service can provide trained and motivated licensed uniformed officers and once your instructions are received respond without delay.

All officers are vetted to BS:7858, trained in accordance with BS: 7499 codes of practise and the requirements of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. Following your instructions in full our staff utilise their individual interpersonal skills and security experience to protect your business interests including colleagues, employees, clients and suppliers and indeed the general public.

All our security personnel are uniformed to your requirements either in standard company branded uniform which comprises of:

  • Branded Hi Visibility waistcoat
  • Branded Showerproof Navy or Hi Visibility top coat
  • Branded Navy Fleece or Shell jacket

  • Branded Navy ribbed uniform jumper
  • Branded White Uniform shirt
  • Navy Dress or Cargo style trousers with belt

  • Branded company tie
  • Black safety footwear

  • Company Identity Card
  • Torch

Or alternatively the uniform can be adapted or changed to meet individual customer requirements dependant on the role performed i.e. corporate or inclement conditions.

All mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as identified by risk assessments are issued by the organisation at no cost to the Officers.

All personnel are in direct contact with our control centre at all times either by client supplied telecommunications or company provided mobile communications (where client communications are not available for a nominal charge).

Other Services

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